Slow Fashion Brand, Sydney

Colouron Cotton is a family-run slow sustainable fashion brand. We work with artisans to create classic, high-quality clothes using traditional techniques and vegan materials, so you can look and feel your best without sacrificing the planet or people.

Slow sustainable fashion is the antidote to fast fashion. Although, finding brands that do as much for the planet as they do for you and your body can be tricky.

At Colouron Cotton, we simplify sustainable fashion and make your decision easier. Our small business is driven by our ecological responsibilities. We pride ourselves on timeless, cool and casual clothing designed to stand the test of time (and seasons).


Our Slow Sustainable Fashion Difference

Slow fashion provides the perfect platform to showcase the skills of artisan communities worldwide, encouraging a more eco-friendly approach to making clothes and creating fair employment opportunities for all workers.

With eco organic cotton clothing and ethical processes, making the switch puts you in the ecosystem for cross-cultural co-creation. Make the conscious choice today.

Colouron Cotton gives you sustainable women’s clothing in Australia that:

  • Gives you 24-hour comfort
  • Uses natural or non-toxic dyes and hand-woven fabrics
  • Keeps hand-based skills and craft alive
  • Prioritises provenance above profit, and transparency above trends
  • High-quality to save you money in the long run
  • Free from synthetic materials
  • Encourages you to dress beautifully and sustainably while staying true to your style and self
  • Made in Australia by ethically accredited manufactures
  • Reduces your carbon footprint

When you choose Colouron Cotton clothing, you provide artisans with meaningful work and creative collaboration.

Let's redefine fashion

Our Story


Colouron Cotton is a husband and wife team striving to make the fashion industry (and in turn the world) a better place.

Originally from India and residing in Sydney since 2004, we’ve seen firsthand the damaging impact on the environment and people from fast fashion.

Our mission is to give you sustainable alternatives, so you can feel good about your purchases and trust you’re making the right choice for your body, health and the planet.

After some challenging times with health issues, we were inspired to consider our role in solving and mitigating ethical and environmental impacts caused by fast fashion.

Since then we’ve grown into a bespoke business creating quality clothing with ethical and environmental awareness. Together we can reintroduce a holistic approach to cotton clothes production and fashion a greener and more ethical future.

Creating a Community of Conscious Consumers

Although rare today, there was a time when the colours of ancient India were extracted from trees and flowers and dyed onto natural, handwoven fabrics.

Why the change?

As clothing production increases it’s more economical to mass-produce pieces. The industry is extremely cost-conscious, making cheap materials and thoughtless manufacturing processes widespread.

When you buy better you buy less. You reduce the pressure on the planet and support artisans and garment workers who make the difference. You can help relieve problems like:

  • Climate change
  • Water stress
  • Energy use
  • Hazardous chemicals and pollution
  • Diminishing resources and art
  • Consumption and waste

At Colouron Cotton, our vision is to produce clothes with integrity and use authentic fabrics with a story and specific qualities unique to their origin. We are bridging the gap between the people who create sustainable fashion and those who wear it.

We aim to build a strong cultural and emotional connection and are motivated by the work of artisans. By supporting them, we give them the right to a fair wage, food, water, health and safety, while encouraging slow sustainable fashion that ticks all your boxes.

Let’s make slow fashion the new trend.