Affordable Eco-Friendly Clothing, Australia

100% cotton clothing made from eco-friendly fabrics in Australia. Make the conscious choice for classic, comfortable and sustainable clothes today.

Clothing should be worn for generations, not just seasons. Yet Australians only wear half of what’s in their wardrobe on a regular basis 1. If you’re ready for a more conscious closest, create a positive impact when you shop our luxury pieces.

Would you like to?

  • Minimise your carbon footprint
  • Conserve energy
  • Invest in quality and timeless pieces
  • Support social justice with fair-trade creative work and ethical processes
  • Simplify life with a more minimal wardrobe, while feeling like you have more to work with
  • Waste less time picking outfits
  • Improve your buying habits
  • Trust your clothes are made free from harmful pesticides, fertilisers and water wastage
  • Wear eco-friendly fabrics that are versatile, cool and casual with minimalistic designs
  • Buy clothes that do the least damage to the environment
  • Wear sustainably produced clothing in versatile styles not worn by everyone
  • Avoid synthetic materials, which can stick to your body and feel uncomfortable and tight


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Our Process and Use of Eco-Friendly Fabrics

Did you know every 10 minutes, about 6,000kg of clothing textiles are dumped into Australian landfills? The vicious cycle of fast fashion is impacting the climate. One day soon, climate change will change the way we dress.

At Colouron Cotton, we care about where and how your clothes are made.

All of our materials are created by skilled artisans using either hand spinning or/ and hand weaving techniques, and eco-friendly dyes for minimal environmental impact. Our processes prioritise a holistic approach to cotton textile production and encourage fair working conditions for everyone involved.



Your Impact When You Choose Colouron Cotton

100% Cotton Clothing

Our garments are all made from natural materials including 100% vegan organic cotton, Khadi cotton and Kala cotton. Khadi cotton is handwoven and/or handspun, which gives a unique finish compared to machine-woven cotton. Kala cotton is a sustainable textile that comes from low maintenance, low carbon sustainable crops.

When you buy and wear these eco-friendly fabrics, you reduce your environmental footprint, prevent waste and conserve water and energy. The fashion industry uses materials and colours that create a negative impact on climate change. We prefer to use natural and heritage materials that benefit you and the world we live in.

Timeless Designs

Clothes matching the current trend is important, but is it worth damaging your health and the environment? Our collections are designed to be timeless and last more than one season. If you want to limit waste and create an authentic style that reflects your values, choose classic, long-lasting and durable clothing.

We believe things should be made to last, without compromising on style . Our designs encourage you to look presentable at all times so you can feel and look your best.


Supply chains can be complex and being sustainable isn’t always easy, however, where possible we engage with suppliers who practice sustainability and use eco-friendly and ethical processes.

When you choose Colouron Cotton, you also partner with sustainable initiatives like Khamir. As our top Kala cotton supplier, Khamir works to strengthen and preserve the craft of artisanal traditions and the culture, community and local environments.


What is Kala Cotton?

Kala cotton has become the new favourite in sustainability, and rightfully so when you get more carbon-neutral cotton for less water and energy. It’s also made by human hands, not machines.

Kala cotton is grown with rainwater and eliminates the need for water for irrigation purposes. The cotton grows in abundance (like bamboo) on Indian farms and isn’t dependent on regular watering with its drought-tolerant properties. Unlike bamboo, which is sustainably grown but can be toxic in its process through the use of chemicals, Kala cotton uses safe processes to lower your footprint.

Compared to Kala cotton, which is rain-fed, regular cotton uses around 1,400 litres of irrigated groundwater to cultivate one kilo of cotton. Although Australia’s cotton industry is more efficient than other countries, not all cotton you buy is produced locally or grown without pesticides.

Because of how Kala cotton is grown, it has unique benefits. It’s resilient to pests, with no need for pesticides, manure and artificial fertilisers. Not only does this keep your clothes eco-friendly, but it creates a safer working environment for the farmers and gives artisans a meaningful work.

Our use of Kala cotton ensure you wear vegan clothing:

  • Designed for purity, water efficiency and high-class quality
  • Free from nasties that can lead to chemical reactions
  • Sustainable in all parts of the process and product life cycle to support the wellbeing of the planet, as well as farm and garment workers
  • 100% cotton clothing ethically sourced from quality, natural materials
  • More sustainable than alternatives in our use of cotton choices and processes
  • Produced with the least negative impact on the environment as possible

Fast fashion isn’t viable for the future of our planet and the people in it. Help us spread awareness about the industry’s impact and give consumers the sustainable choice.