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Whether you’re new to sustainable clothing or you’ve made the switch, view our frequently asked questions to find the answers you need and help guide you on your sustainable journey.

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Brand and Product FAQs

All Coloron Cotton garments are made from 100% cotton clothing sustainably sourced from natural and heritage materials. We ensure eco-friendly practices in all parts of the life cycle from the design and craft process, to product, distribution and packaging. The types of cotton we use are sustainably sourced and include Kala cotton and Khadi cotton handmade and handwoven for quality, luxurious and ethically-made pieces.
Our products aim to address the following issues:

  • Climate change (protection for the planet and people)
  • Water stress and overuse
  • Eliminating hazardous chemicals and pollution
  • Supporting the diminishing resources and art
  • Reducing consumption and waste
  • Encouraging stronger health and wellbeing for consumers, artisans and farmworkers
We want to help consumers value well-made clothing again, connect to culture and learn from traditions. In a world that’s quite literally falling apart, there’s comfort in practices that have stood the test of time and learning from the slow and steady pace of artisan-made textiles.

Our Kala cotton materials come from our supplier Khamir. Our fabrics from Khamir come with a certificate issued by a certification body (One Cert International Private Limited) and are in accordance with the requirements of The National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP), India and The National Organic Program (NOP) technical standards (USAA).

The Kala cotton crops cultivated for our garments are grown in Western India in the Kutch district (Kachchh).

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The technique artisans use to spin this type of cotton into garments has been used since the early 1900s. While its texture is coarse, the finished fabric is light, airy and comfortable to wear which helps keep you cool in summer and warm and insulated in winter.


Shipping and Returns

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In our aim to reduce waste, we do not offer gift wrapping.

After an order is placed you are unable to amend the order on your own and must contact our customer care. We would be happy to try and fulfil your request. Keep in mind that once an order is in the shipping stage it is not able to be amended

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